Misinformation From Opposition

Our goal with the Cloud Hill proposal is to create a place that reflects and meets the needs of the surrounding neighborhood and community citywide. We submitted a flexible plan to reimagine Greer Stadium and are committed to working with the community to make this the best place possible for all.

Unfortunately, misinformation seems to be a cornerstone of much of our opposition’s arguments and is being used by a small group to gain supporters for their cause. This was evident in a recent presentation to community leaders in Nashville to explain why Cloud Hill should not move forward.

Therefore, we’d like to clarify a few points for you below. The presentation claimed:

  • The 2007 supplement to the 1996 Fort Negley Master Plan is an “all park plan.”
    • This is not true. A main component of the 2007 supplement called for 60,000–80,000 square feet of development on-site.
  • The 2007 master plan for Fort Negley included only one community meeting to gather community feedback.
    • This seems to make the supplement a less-than-ideal model of community inclusion.
  • That Fort Negley had all the components of a great park.
    • Fort Negley unfortunately has all the components that make an unsuccessful park. It’s constricted by two massive highways and a railyard, which is partially why many in Nashville haven’t spent time there.
  • That community meetings held at the Adventure Science Center in September 2016 we’re not made public or properly advertised.
    • An estimated 300 people attended between the two meetings to offer their input and raise concerns, many of which ended up in the Request for Qualifications document the Cloud Hill proposal is based on.

While this is the latest example of misinformation in action, it’s not the only one. Let’s use this campaign of misinformation as an opportunity to have open conversation. We want to listen – please send us your ideas and concerns for Greer Stadium to cloudhillnashville@gmail.com. Tell us what you want to see and what your neighborhood is missing.

We are committed to this project and to this city, and we’re thankful you stand with us in making the old Greer Stadium a place we can all be proud of!

william rosenthal