It All Starts with a Shared Vision

Fellow Nashvillians,

The redevelopment of the Greer Stadium property holds a significant opportunity for the city of Nashville. Sitting at the crossroads of several neighborhoods fragmented by freeways and railroad tracks, this site opens the possibility of reconnecting these neighborhoods, spatially and culturally. Currently, it sits abandoned.

The city seeks a private/public partnership for a signature Music City development that meets the needs of transportation, housing, education and public space at a city-owned site – less than 1 mile from downtown – that has been leased to the Nashville Sounds Triple A baseball team since the 1970s. The existing footprint of the stadium and parking is a dog-legged 21 acres lying below an important relic of the Civil War, Fort Negley. Just south of I-40, east of I-65, with railroad tracks immediately to the west, the site is central to a growing music, art and maker community that is developing in this old light-industrial/warehouse district south of downtown.  

Our plan is based around the idea of a cultural generator. In an era of political and social change, music and the arts are ever more important to building healthy, sustainable neighborhoods. They are both a celebration of our social diversity and a social unifier. They are both our outlets and our expressions. Our plan proposes a center for music and art that provides an infrastructure to ensure a strong and sustainable culture for our city, our country and – as the music of Nashville has become a worldwide cultural touchstone – the world.

The historic summit on which Fort Negley sits is St. Cloud Hill. In tribute to the profound history of this place, we call this endeavor Cloud Hill.

- T Bone Burnett


The Cloud Hill Partnership

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Our playbook.

We’re dedicated to making Cloud Hill a welcoming place for all; within this belief are several core tenets we believe make good place-making possible. 

LISTEN   –   We believe in community engagement. Our experience shows us that embracing interests is what makes really exceptional places come to life. We want stakeholders to feel empowered by our plan, and we look forward to channeling your thoughts, ideas and experiences to make this place complement your lifestyle.

COMMUNICATE   –   Listening to the community, we’re developing some great ideas, and we are working hard to make sure they reach you. Effective communication is a two-way street, and we look forward to doing our part.

COLLABORATE   –   We value teamwork, and we believe we can truly deliver something we are all proud of as a community when we put our heads together and utilize our diverse skills. We invite you share your ideas, your thoughts and even your criticisms – do your part to make this plan meet our shared interests as a community. 

INCLUDE     It is so important that this be a place welcoming to all. The surrounding communities include a rich cross-section of diverse neighborhoods and cultures, and we believe everyone should feel comfortable and safe here to live, create and play on Cloud Hill. 

CONSERVE     This site holds a rich history, dear to all for different reasons. We’re excited to embrace this diverse timeline, working hard to be thoughtful and respectful in our interventions. Conservation and preservation are important values to our team, and we look forward to doing our part.

CREATE     We’re Music City USA, and that’s something we’re proud of! We look forward to embracing the creative culture that makes our great city, one that is deeply rooted in the fabric of the Wedgewood Houston neighborhood. We’re dedicated to improving lasting places for arts, music, making and creative activities of all kinds.


The Cloud Hill Partnership