T Bone

Cloud Hill Co-Founder and Music Producer (The Visionary)

T Bone Burnett is a true visionary who understands how music and the arts create community. His interest in civic engagement and urban planning began several years ago after revitalizing the civic center around Village Recording Studio. T Bone drew interest from the renewal of Sundance Square in his hometown, Fort Worth, Texas, and Pearl brewery in San Antonio, Texas. For the last three years, he has studied the work of Jane Jacobs and Fred Kent to discover innovation in 21st century cities. This interest, coupled with his 50 years of experience in music and entertainment, has earned him an unparalleled reputation as a first-rate innovative artist, songwriter, producer, performer and cultural advocate. He has successfully combined his unique artistic sensibilities with massive commercial appeal through films such as “O Brother Where Art Though,” “Walk the Line,” “Crazy Heart” and “Cold Mountain,” records such as “Raising Sand,” and television shows such as “Nashville.” T Bone continues to be a champion for artistic freedom and a driving force in the elevation of culture through this partnership. As T Bone has said, “The goal of art is to create conscience.” Like his vision for Cloud Hill, his life’s work has been both conscience-driven and marked by real-world practicality.