Misinformation on Greer Stadium plan

Frances A., Nashville 37215

The proposed plan to revamp the old Greer Stadium site seems to have been taking a lot of heat lately. What started as a well-intentioned way to preserve the fort and to help the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood grow in a thoughtful way has morphed into an angry swirl of misinformation and false claims.

To be clear, the Cloud Hill proposal:

  • Leaves 60 percent of the site to green and open spaces, including a great lawn area where the community can gather.
  • Provides much-needed affordable housing for artists and musicians as well as creative spaces for them to work.
  • Brings archaeologists, preservationists, and historians into the dialogue to protect the integrity of the fort as well as the African-American history of the site.
  • Reconnects Fort Negley to the city and generates revenue to help maintain and rehab the fort.
  • Follows the guidelines Metro gave anyone interested in bidding on the project.
  • Is based on input gathered from people who live in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood.

The Cloud Hill plan has been presented by people who love our city. Their proposal is a progressive concept. It strikes a balance between those who want to preserve green space and the economic reality that our city needs to develop a positive future.

william rosenthal