Support Local Developers

Kay B.

Nashville is fortunate to have so many out-of-state developers willing to invest here. But when native top-flight professionals propose a project that serves a wide variety of our residents, should they be vehemently attacked by locals?

Bert Mathews is the third generation of his family to build and develop responsibly in Nashville. Clay Adkisson is native to the area and has a degree in architecture from the University of Tennessee and a master’s degree from Harvard. T Bone Burnett is moving to Nashville after decades of success in the music industry with the desire to inspire present and future musicians and artists here in town.

There were open public meetings held with community members, whose suggestions were used to establish the Metro qualifications. The Cloud Hill team submitted a proposal based on this feedback and was selected the winner in a fair selection process.

I was excited to see in the proposal that:

1.      65 percent of the 21 acres would be usable green space

2.      There were areas to include cultural facilities for music and arts programs

3.      They were going to provide affordable living opportunities for the neighborhood

4.      They were going to turn an unkempt area into a viable asset

The Cloud Hill proposal isn’t final. It looks to me like the opposing groups might want to come together and see if there can’t be a positive outcome for such a worthwhile project.

william rosenthal