Past, Present and Future Benefits of Cloud Hill

Susan B.

I consider myself unbiased, and I am not affiliated in any way with Cloud Hill or any of the other RFQ participants (or anyone else throwing ideas late in the game). I am a management consultant by trade, having recently spent a few years in state government as part of an internal consulting team supporting all executive branch departments. During that time, I partnered with procurement to streamline processes for a more customer-focused approach, and I guided a similar team to provide recommendations on real estate decision-making processes to the state Building Commission. I’m sure both processes are completely different for Metro; but I’m willing to bet you have the same challenges in communicating what the process is, ensuring fairness and keeping everyone adequately informed along the way.

I’m not a Nashville native, but I’ve lived here 11 years – the first nine in Bellevue and in Wedgewood-Houston since November of 2015. I’ve seen the city change in that time, and it’s been interesting observing trends in my own neighborhood this past year. I’m excited by the new growth and development in the area, but still shaken by the tragic murder of Tiffany Ferguson across the parking lot from me. I’m very grateful that my time with state government gave me a deeper understanding into how the different levers connect in a community. How do we attract economic growth and make room for tourism dollars, without inflating housing costs and displacing people, all while maintaining and investing in infrastructure and improving the overall health and safety of the citizen?

I am a firm believer in collaboration, transparency, consensus and adjusting process as needs arise, which may be necessary with the results of archaeological studies. The flexibility and versatility of the design accommodates the needs and desires of many interest groups. The welcoming atmosphere for different groups to gather in one place ensures this solution will be an effective vehicle for delivering service and value to the community.

My former team focused on citizen-centric process redesign – we developed creative solutions with teams, data and process. Cloud Hill has delivered one with space and facility. 

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