Great news to share

We wanted to share some excellent news.

Our plan to reimagine Greer Stadium moved a big step closer to reality yesterday, with the unanimous decision by the Metro Procurement Appeals Board to deny the protest that was filed by one of the other project teams. 

The panel re-affirmed the decision of the original Evaluation Team, clearly stating the award to Cloud Hill was straightforward and based on the merits of our proposal.

That means we are ready to move on to the next step in this process. 

The truth is that, while the process has been very slow-moving, it has given us time to make our project better. We have talked with literally hundreds of people, and each of those conversations has given us a better idea of how to deliver benefits to our city and this neighborhood. 

The extra time is allowing Metro Government to hire an archaeologist to examine the Greer Stadium site and determine what – if anything – of historical significance is under the ground. That way, our plan to honor the African-Americans who built Fort Negley will be that much more well-informed.

The extra time is allowing us to understand more clearly the needs for affordable housing in Nashville and the job opportunities our project will create. 

We understand there are still many steps to take, but yesterday’s was a big one. 

We look forward to keeping you posted on new developments and continuing a full and open dialogue about this important project, as the Cloud Hill team continues to move forward!

william rosenthal