Developer Chosen to Redevelop Greer Stadium

NewsChannel 5 (WTVF) – Jonquil Newland, May 30, 2017 

Three years after the last game at Greer Stadium, city officials chose a developer and set of plans to breath life back into the property.

"I have gotten sad with seeing it just kind of get dilapidated and that awesome score board just sit there with nothing going on," resident, Matt Greer said.

He's lived in the south Nashville community for nearly 15 years and remembers the ball park in it's hay day.

"I loved thirsty Thursdays, the cheap beer and hot dogs," Greer laughed.

First Tennessee Park has sparked a new era for the Nashville Sounds much like the old Greer Stadium will spark change for South Nashville.

"This could be a generational change for this area. You're talking about a piece of public land that hasn't been accessible for almost 50 years," District 17 Councilman Colby Sledge said.

Mayor Megan Barry's office has chosen a developer to move forward with the property's re-development.

Under the Matthew Company's plan the concrete parking lots that surround the ball field will be turned into Cloud Hill, a mixed use area with lots of green space, affordable housing, shops and a focus on arts and music, all with the intent of preserving Fort Negley.

"Fort Negley is a fascinating piece of history. In addition to the awesome views that it provides, it's just really cool that we have that right here in this neighborhood," Greer said.

Mayor Barry released this statement:

“We appreciate the hard work the RFQ review committee has put into evaluating the proposals for how to revitalize the Greer Stadium Property for the entire community. Now that the intent to award has been made, I will have a chance to review the proposal and work with Councilman Colby Sledge and the entire Metro Council, the Metro Board of Parks and Recreation & Metro Historic Zoning Commission on the next steps forward. I am grateful for all of those firms who put forward ideas on how to better utilize this important neighborhood and community asset, while honoring and respecting the rich history of the area.”

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