Businesses Moving to Wedgewood-Houston

Nearby business owners also are reacting to the plans.

Brian Miller, manager of Gabby's Burgers & Fries, thinks Greer Stadium would best serve the community as it was originally intended: as a park. Nothing more, nothing less.

He supports the idea of green space, parks and sports fields. Otherwise, the area should be left alone, he said.

"It defeats the purpose of having park space if anybody can buy it and make it housing. It kind of makes you wonder, which parks are next?" he said.

Bruce Boeko is the president of Nashville Craft Distillery, located directly across the street from Greer Stadium. He said he is not at all surprised by how quickly the neighborhood is evolving.

“When I first visited the area it was probably 2014, and you could already see the changes coming,” he said.

Nashville Craft opened in May 2016, and Boeko said the redevelopment of Greer Stadium is a perfect opportunity for nearby businesses.

"There certainly are changes that make it advantageous for a business like mine,” he said.

In fact, other business owners came to the neighborhood banking on the same idea.

“We know it’s on the cusp of turning. It’s a little bit of a combination of East Nashville and South," said Paul Cercone, co-owner of Hemingway's Bar & Hideaway, which opened last month. “The neighborhood is turning into a living neighborhood."

He and co-owner Chris Weber think the redevelopment of Greer will give people a reason to walk by, creating more foot traffic, and the park space will appeal to the families they're trying to reach.

"I can’t even keep up with what’s going on," Cercone said. "It’s just really going to pop.”

Meanwhile, Boeko said he thinks the proposed creative and makerspace would be the perfect addition to the neighborhood's art and music presence.